Praktikum "Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy"

required course for Chemistry (M.Sc.) with minor "Biolog. Chemistry", elective course for all students of Chemistry (M.Sc.)


Lecture "Biolog. NMR Spectrosopy" (winter term) OR lecture "Advanced NMR" (winter term); exceptions only with prior consultation!
Please register in TUMonline (LV 0810)!


Practical period:   summer term (ca. end of April - end of July); please arrange your tasks groupwise with the designated assistants.

Kick-off Meeting:

introduction and group assignment:   Wed. April 18th, 13.00 h (s.t.!), BNMRZ seminar room
(BNMRZ: E.O. Fischer-Str. 2 = the red building to the left of the Sondermülllager; main entrance, first room to the left)


New list of assistants / groups for 2018 (PDF)       (last update: 18.04.2018)                  

Scripts (PDF):

General Information, version 2017 (English)

1. NMR Spectrometer I 

2. 1H Assignment (English)

3. 13C Assignment (English)

4. Structural parameters, version 2017 (English)

5. NMR Spectrometer II (deutsch)

6. Protein Backbone Assignment (English)

7. Protein Secondary Structure (English)     Anhang: random coil shifts

8NMR Titration (English)



contact: Gerd.Gemmecker (a)