Praktikum Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy

Practical Biomolecular NMR-Spectroscopy  CH3184b (1 SWS) / LV0810 (2 ECTS)

required part of lecture "Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy" (Sattler, Gemmecker)


Lecture "Biomolecular NMR Spectrosopy" (winter term) OR lecture "Advanced NMR" (winter term); exceptions only with prior consultation!


Kick-off Meeting: Monday, April 26, 2021, 16.00 h - please inquire ZOOM access code from   gerd.gemmecker (a)
(details about practical organization, group assignment, contact to assistants etc.)

Practical period:   summer term (ca. May - July/August)
No fixed dates - groups arrange their tasks individually with the designated assistants


(BNMRZ,  E.O. Fischer-Str. 2 = the red building to the left of the Sondermülllager; main entrance, first room to the left)


This year we plan to do ALL tasks online. Besides Zoom, you will need to install additional software on your computer / Laptop
to be able to access our workstations remotely: the X2go client (plus LRZ AnyConnect VPN in connection with your TUM account).

 Final list of assistants / groups for 2021 (PDF)

 New: Access information 2021 to online practicals   (please install & test required software in time!)

 Scripts (PDF):

General Information (version 2021)

1. NMR Spectrometer I 

2. 1H Assignment

3. 13C Assignment

4. NMR of RNA (new & exciting, script coming soon!)

5. NMR Spectrometer II

6. Protein Backbone Assignment

7. Protein Secondary Structure     Supplement: random coil shifts

8NMR Titration (ZIP file including script and Excel table)

contact: Gerd.Gemmecker (a)