Vorlesung "Biomolecular NMR Spectroscopy"

Lecture Biomolecular NMR-Spectroscopy (2 SWS) CH3184a

Chemie (M.Sc.): Schwerpunkt "Biolog. Chemie" (Wahlpflicht, ink. Praktikum), alle HF/NF (Wahlveranstaltung);
Biochemie (M.Sc.): chem. NF

Lecturer: Michael Sattler (Gerd Gemmecker)

Time:   Friday 10:15 h - 12:00 h; starting Fri Oct 22, 2021

Location: Lecture will be given in via Zoom, further information is provided in MOODLE.

Prüfung: Modulprüfung (oral exam after lecture or after practica, resp.)


The lectures will be recorded and the recorded lecture and pdf handouts will be made available in Moodle


Basic experiments and applications of biomolecular NMR-spectroscopy

  • Structure and conformation of proteins and nucleic acids
  • Basic NMR experiments and information provided
  • Structure determination and NMR of biological macromolecules (proteins, RNA)
  • Ligand binding, drug discovery
  • Studying conformational dynamics by NMR
  • Current topics (dynamics, IDPs, large proteins, drug discovery, in cell NMR, PREs)